M. Margo Has Date With Caring Homosapien

     I love Kurt Weill.

     I’m working on a big blog update–hopefully published tomorrow! I had a very entertaining date with a gracious intellectual who is about my age.  

     He took me to places in NYC I’ve never been to before.  We ran to and fro and I snapped pics with my cell phone as furtively as possible (rules say NO PHOTOS! And, hilariously, NO SPANDEX!).  

       I got to eat delicious shellfish till I was stuffed AND my interesting date took me shopping for a pretty dress.  It was a weird but fascinating store that sold pretty clothes but also salmon-colored men’s shorts.  There were live orchids everywhere, too.  

       He loaned me a book.  Not a sexy book, an intellectual book.  It is weird to have a man give a damn about my life.  

        This morning I saw my analyst and then I had two students.  Then I went to the gym.  I have to see the Meddling Psychiatrist late next week and I can’t stand how big I am.  I have to keep him off my back. 

      Enjoy PJ Harvey video!  I feel a bit like her with my new dress. Details to follow.  

         P.S.  I always loved shopping for presents for my boyfriends.  Or any friends.  All my friends will tell you that I am a good gift-giver.  I like to get things that match their aesthetic, and have the gifts engraved.  

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