Hawt Pumps from a Lipizzaner Stallion

    Check out these awesome shoes an awesome Austrian gave to me!

    He came in to the Superstudio and wanted us both to pretend that he was a horse.  While we were chatting in the consultation room, he told me that he was from Austria.  In my mind, I immediately pegged him “The Limpizzaner Stallion,” but I bit my tongue and managed to refrain from making jokes.  

   He was pretty good-looking, too.  Youngish, strong, bushy sandy brown hair.  I really don’t care if they’re handsome or not–they get the same quality of performance from me either way–but it’s a fun little bonus for me when they are.  

    Three cheers for you, Herr Lipizzanner Stallion!  Thanks for these lovely leather pumps.  Usually I don’t care for platforms, but these are plenty pretty.  My first new shoes in a year!  Danke!  

I (heart) toe cleavage!

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