Back from Power-Junkie Fake Conservative Cowtown

      Well, that was interesting! 

      For obvious reasons, I cannot talk in any detail about my professional or academic life on this blog.  Suffice it to say that I went out of town to introduce the research presentation of a scholar who hired me to edit his manuscripts and manage his datasets because he is too ossified and stubborn to be bothered to learn the computer software.  His field of study is only vaguely related to my own.  Whatever–I needed the money, and I need to fill up the white space on my C.V. in whatever way I can.  

     After the presentation, I rushed to a hotel and emerged like Clark Kent changing into Superman.  Well, not exactly.  Perhaps that is not the most accurate metaphor.  I just passed through the veil; fell back into my secret life.  

Dressed for Dinner

    I had a blind date scheduled with an interesting fellow–he of the douchebaggy Corvette (he’s an academic too–what he was doing with that car, I’ll never know–most of us tend to be Prius, Honda, and Ford Fiesta types).  

     Some people say you shouldn’t date right after a breakup.  Personally, I think that is silly.  You shouldn’t date if you don’t feel like it.  But it can be good for your self-esteem and sense of perspective to get out of the house and hang out with someone new who you can have fun with.  Just don’t lie about anything.  Keep it ethical.  

       Was this a date?  I don’t know what this was.  Hmmm.  

      I had a good time–many new things–interesting and sharp fellow, being in a strange city, hotel room (I love hotels.  Love love love hotels).  It was so…exciting?  No.  It was an escape.  That is what it was.  It was an escape from my life.  

LOOK AT THIS AWESOME SHOWER!!!  It rains from the ceiling plate.  I spent  2 hours in there.   Such  accommodations are not destined for the likes of Miss Margo, so I enjoy them while I can. 

     The man was not the most competent Top I’ve ever seen.  Hate to say it. I know it’s easy for me to say this, because I have a lot of experience, and unfortunately, most people who are interested in sadomasochism just don’t get the opportunity to develop their skills.  Especially the men.  They just don’t.  It’s tough.  I really sympathize with the plight of BDSM daters.  Hell, I’m one of them, I know how it is.  

      I also know that many people lie in their online profiles and personals ads.  I’ve done it–I’ll admit it.  When I was drinking, I said that I was a “social drinker,” which is hilarious now that I think about it, because I was exactly the opposite.  I’ve lied about my neighborhood (afraid of stalkers).  I guess that men are supposed to lie about how tall they are, but I’ve never cared about that.  Guys complain that women lie about their body type.

       But do…not…misrepresent your skill set to me.  I’ll know if you do pretty quickly.

      A few of these injuries are not where they should be.  That is my professional opinion.  

note defensive injury on arm; wraparound on  sides and hip
That lumpiness is not cellulite, but swelling.    On the  side of the  thigh…?    Whaaa?  

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