Sadomasochists: “Why So Serious?”

    I landed a modeling gig.  A clothing designer of vaguely fetishy gothy type clothing needs images to sell her clothing to retailers. Think Hot Topic.  It’s fine, nothing too scandalous that would compromise my reputation if they were brought to the attention of my employer in the future.  Nothing that I wouldn’t show my mother, in other words.  

    Anyway, I have to ask: why oh why do SM people always have to wear black, and why do we always have to dance to Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode at our parties?  Why?  Why?  I like The Cure as much as the next person, but must it be standard at every fetish event?  And if the male dominants must wear black Levi’s and t-shirts, can they please refrain from wearing white tube socks with them?  And toolbelts?  And mansandals?  And what’s with all the facial hair?  Are we at a Grateful Dead concert?  Do BDSM (god I hate that clumsy moniker) parties always have to resemble a Star Trek convention where everyone is wearing assless chaps?  Why?  Why, God, why?

     Defunct blogger Bitchy Jones once wrote something along the lines of: “This is the cruelty zoo that is my sexuality.” So, so true.  Bitchy, I salute you. 

    P.S.  I love corsetry.  I admit it.  At least most of it is COLORFUL.  Jeez.

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