Miss Margo is Alive–More Shall be Revealed

UPDATE 8:30 PM:  Novice young dude had a fantastic time. Among many other things, I hooked him up to a TENs unit and zapped the hell out of him.  Though he was begging, I told him, “You know what the magic word is, ‘Jack,’ and I want to see if your epileptic-like shudders can shake all the, ahhh, debris off your skin.”  Yes yes I thought he was going to pass out at the end, and he wasn’t half-bad to look at either–he was almost as young as myself, and had a nice trim figure.  I gave him a big hug at the end and said that he did a great job, and we were both very happy, and a good time was held by all. Very nice, that.  I would have done it for free.

   *        *                *                       *                      *        

Sorry for my lack of communication, gentle reader.  My week was pretty nuts.  I was away from home for part of it and not about to check this blog or Fetlife from an internet server associated with my other employment, I’ve been getting my ducks in a row to get The Surgeon out the door, and I’ve been scrounging for work that provides things like, you know, HEALTH INSURANCE.  

     I also found a really nice, smart lady who wants to be my sponsor in AA, but I think that she is gay (which does not bother me at all) and I am also getting the impression that she is, well, hitting on me, which does bother me quite a bit.  I don’t know if she really is (either gay or hitting on me), so I am really confused and very vexed.

    I am at secret job today and I have a booking with some dude who’s never been here before and has no idea what he wants.  This makes me nervous, because that’s what LE says “I don’t know what I want!  Why don’t you suggest something?”  What?!  Why would you come here if you didn’t know what you wanted?  How am I going to entertain this guy for two hours if he doesn’t know what he likes?  If he wants pampering female attention, he should go to a strip club.  Miss Margo is not here to coddle you or touch you in a remotely affectionate fashion.  

     Speaking of affection, I have decided that, along with white-collar employment, I need to get beaten and laid on a much more regular basis.  

     A date to the Met would be nice, too.  

     Update soon.

One thought on “Miss Margo is Alive–More Shall be Revealed”

  1. Best of luck in finding a suitable date.

    -your friend

    P.S. We have not exchanged words since New Year. If you are not mad at me anymore, I would be really glad to talk to you.

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