I Feel like Bill the Cat (III)

(I have described my identification with Bill the Cat a few times; please utilize the search function of this blog if the description confuses you)

Insomnia, man, what am I going to do about this…?  I never had insomnia till I started studying hard, and then drinking more frequently at night while I was studying for my Master’s degree (drinking at the conclusion of studying, of course, not during).  Prior to that, I always slept like a rock.  

Then I quit drinking, and developed insomnia on steroids.  It makes me think that I haven’t really been going to sleep most of the time for the last few years, but instead actually passing out.  Now I have to learn how to go to sleep again.  This is, apparently, too complex a concept for my big brain to handle.  

2 thoughts on “I Feel like Bill the Cat (III)”

  1. I didn’t really sleep for four months after I quit drinking. Some nights I just dozed on and off. Sometimes I would sleep fitfully for a couple of hours. Hang in there.


  2. TY for your note, John. I hate insomnia. Hate it hate it hate it. I don’t even drink coffee, and I switched to non-caffeinated diet coke.

    I had it mostly beat till my pre-Xmas relapse. But I was only drinking again for 4 days! Did that really mess up my brain that much again?

    I like benedryl. Childrens’ liquid benedryl. Can’t drink it every night, though, for obvious reasons.

    TY John KEEP COMING BACK! haha

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