Happy Anniversary to Pieces of Margo!!! Thank you all!

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    I began this blog one year ago today.  Happy Anniversary to Pieces of Margo

     Blogging has become a very satisfying hobby for me.  It has afforded me the opportunity to correspond with fascinating individuals and has encouraged my personal growth, sobriety, and willingness to trust in others.  I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has read this blog; I find it very flattering.

      I was terrified to write honestly about my life because I presumed any readers would find me weird or perverted or even objectionable (I’m also paranoid about my anonymity, of course).  To my complete astonishment, almost all of the letters and feedback I’ve received have been positive or supportive in tone (note 2/28: I am, in fact, both weird and perverted.  I am okay with that, though that last is…well, problematical, as every perv trying to date knows). I realize that the readers of this blog do not compromise a random cross-sample of the general population (I know almost nothing about my readers, but I know that my traffic isn’t coming in through The New York Times online or Huffington Post, if you know what I mean), but I’ve still been pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback people have sent me. (Every now and then I do get hatemail–they NEVER post their sentiments in the comments section, always in email–but I’ve worked in journalism before, so I anticipated that.  Most of the haters sound cracked, which makes their insults easy to brush off.)  

       I am rambling, as I am wont to do.  I simply wish to express my gratitude for your interest in my blog.  For whatever it’s worth, this blog (AND YOU!) have helped me to change into a better person.  A year ago, when I published my first post, Miss Margo was like this: 

Image found at: http://deafpagancrossroads.com/2009/06/21/oceans-anniversary-party/

     Except that I had no crown.  And I did not drink EVERY night. I mean, I had papers to write. Oh, hell, forget it–it was bad enough; why minimize it?  

      Finally, for your enjoyment, gentle reader: I FOUND A VIDEO ON YOUTUBE OF A PARROT SINGING MOZART!  (he only starts singing halfway trough the video; please be patient) 

2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Pieces of Margo!!! Thank you all!”

  1. I think he is a Blue-Fronted Amazon. Fantastical animal. So beautiful he does not seem Earthly.

    I do not believe that large parrots should be kept as pets unless they are housed in a large, aviary environment, with members of their own species. I would love to have a Tinmeh Grey, but the notion is flatly unethical to me, unless it was a rescue.

    I also want to find a Senegal mate for Parrot. I wouldn’t let them reproduce, but she would be so much more fulfilled if she had a boy Senegal. It’s the least I could do for her, really. They cost about five hundred bucks…out of my price range now, but one day, I will get her a Senegal mate!

  2. I have watched this youtube vid of the Opera-Singing Amazon Menino at least twenty times. Someone stop me. It’s crazy that I keep re-watching this parrot singing a clip from The Magic Flute.

    I love the joy he radiates as he shows off, and all the love the people around him have for him.

    I wish I was there. I wish that I had Menino.

    “Canta, canta!” I suppose they are Italian…?

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