Bank of America is a Corrupt, Unethical, and Revolting Corporation

TyRANTosaurus Margo!

          I rolled out of bed this morning and consulted my online account at Bank of America.

   Check this out, friends and neighbors: my defunct credit card, which expired a year ago and which I have not used for any purchases in a year, and which carries no balance whatsoever (I do not owe a penny!) has been charged an  “annual service fee” of $59.99.

    How can this even be legal? I know that some jackass out there who is reading this is going to say, “You should have read through the 12 pages of fine print in the contract and formally cancelled your card (despite the fact that you could not use it and did not renew it) if you didn’t expect to get ripped off!”  But you know what?  I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops of fire in order to expect not to be stolen from.  Just because I don’t lock my bike up with 2 kryptonite locks and a sentry bodyguard does not make it my fault that someone steals my bike.

    Screw you, Bank of America.  I wish to Christ I could find the individuals who decided to implement these obscene exploitative IMMORAL policies and put them in the stocks, in public, like they used to do in medieval times.  Optionally, burning at the stake would be a just alternative punishment for these scum.

    Now I am going to have to go in to my local branch and FIGHT with them, and the sad thing is that the person I will be fighting with will have NO personal responsibility for charging me with this fee.  He (or she) will just be another corporate slave, trying to bring home the bacon and get through the day, like we all are.  I cannot be uncivil or cruel.  It’s not his fault that the Bank is doing this to me.

    I cannot get my hands on the people responsible.  I cannot even write to them, or find out who they are.

    Banks are truly disgusting, evil institutions and I hate them with all my heart.

    Fuck you, Bank of America.  I am not going to pay your fee unless you sue me and I am going to COMPLAIN until you drop this fee, and I know it will take hours and hour and hours of my time before you relent to do this.  I resent you tremendously and you ought to be abolished.

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