The Exiled Presents: Florida Small Businessman Tony Montana Endorses Newt Gingrich: “He Kill That Cockaroach Castro for Fun, Mang!”

Miss Margo:  This article found at The Exiled online  Read the full article there.

TONY’S MANSION, SOUTHERN FLORIDA–Djou know something, mang? The other day, I’m watchin my giant 120-inch flat-screen TV, and thees fat guy look right and me and he say something that make me understand a fahkin meaning of a fahkin freedom, mang. Thees fat guy, he say, “I tell djou somethin’ mang, djou vote for me for a fahkin President of a fahkin Djounited State, I gonna kill that fahkin cockaroach, Fidel Castro.”
I like thees guy man! I tell my wife, “Djou see thees, mang? Stop doin a fahkin llello and look at thees, mang! Thees a fahkin democracy, mang! Thees fat guy first fahkin candidate to talk about a fahkin issues that matter to me, mang. Djou know who the fahk he is?”
My wife say, “Thees guy, he a fahkin ‘Gingreech’ mang.”
And I say to her, “I like a fahkin Gingreech, mang. Djou would too if you stop putting all that fahkin llello up djour nose, mang!”
Gingreech, he not jus’ some fahkin maricon like thees Mitt guy. Mitt look like a fahkin yacht club whore. I never like guys like a fahkin Mitt and they never like me. Mitt looks at a small businessman like a Tony Montana, and he only sees a fahkin dishwasher. I ain’t a fahkin dishwasher, mang. I Tony fahkin Montana.
But Gingreech dont fahkin care who I am. Gingreech, he all about the fahkin issues that matter, mang. Issues that concern a small fahkin businessman from Florida. Like he say, “That fahkin cockaroach Castro, I keel him for fun, mang. But if djou elect me a Fahkin President of a Djounited State, I carve Castro up real nice, mang.”
Thees a kind of bold talk that America fahkin need, mang.
Me and my friends on our way to vote for a President fahkin Gingreech, mang!

2 thoughts on “The Exiled Presents: Florida Small Businessman Tony Montana Endorses Newt Gingrich: “He Kill That Cockaroach Castro for Fun, Mang!””

  1. Yay! The writer spelled his pronunciation really well, and I really like the authentic double l spelling for the “y” sound in Spanish!

    This has nothing to do with shit, but my movie and TV character crushes include some male kingpins (not Tony Montana, he’s a prick all across.) & All female queenpins & assassins! I’m mostly straight but those types of female characters are irresistible to me!

  2. Oh also some lower level male dealers, particularly the sensitive ones with strong morals. Some “white collar” thieves stealing from Rich assholes and shady corporations. Oooo & “The Jackal” – if I were a gay man, mmmmm, mmmm! Then just hope he doesn’t kill me.

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