Rejected By Craigslist!

     I just got rejected from Craigslist.  Thrown off the island, as it were.

     I have to admit that I’m stunned.  Stunned and baffled!  What did I do wrong?

     Over the years, I’ve used craigslist to effortlessly acquire all sorts of things, including maybe 8 or 10 dates.  I’ve written ads looking for all number of random, far-fetched things and had, for the most part, terrific success in getting what I was looking for.  Date for the ballet?  sure!  Art history buff to show me around the Greco-Roman wing at the Met?  Tweed-wearing professors rained from the sky.  Concert on Governor’s Island?  no problem! And I won’t even get into the ‘casual encounters’ ads.  Suffice it to say that craigslist provides, it provides very well.  Very well, indeed.

     Until this afternoon.

     I’m still looking for a date to go to that art exhibit I wrote about in a previous blog post.  I decided to throw my net into the murky, fetid waters of the internet.  Say whatever you like–you will anyway–but guys who like to study USSR propaganda poster art just don’t appear like magic, okay?  So, I wrote a short, friendly ad.  My age, brief description, info and link to the gallery, looking for company, shoot me a note if you’re interested, blah blah.  I put it in the “strictly platonic” section, which I’ve never tried before.

     Flagged for removal and rejected within ten minutes!  Whaaaaa….?!

     I don’t get it.  How am I offending anyone?  Is in the mention of the USSR?  I included a harmless photo.  I didn’t have a list of requirements for the guy, other than “please do not be a demonstrable weirdo.  It would be nice if you had three or four brain cells to rub together, too.”  I mean, my standards are somewhat higher than that, but I’m not going to post a demanding list of requirements on an ad for a date to an art gallery, for god’s sake.

    Maybe there is something different about the ad standards for the platonic section, and I just don’t know it. I guess I could try re-posting in the women4men section, but I’d rather not.  Frankly, my life is so weird right now, I don’t think it would be very nice or responsible of me to foist myself onto some poor unsuspecting member of the general public.  I mean, I could definitely pass for normal for a date or two, or even a dozen, but it wouldn’t be long until the Awful Truth rears its ugly head.  I mean, what am I going to say?  The truth–the description in my blog profile box there on the right?  Think that’s going to go over well over after-dinner coffee and tea at Del Posto?

      Maybe I should try to repost in “Activity Partners.”  ?!?!

2 thoughts on “Rejected By Craigslist!”

  1. Hey! Stop whining. At least you get responses. Sounds like an ornery robotic mishap that you got kicked off. Or could it have been the “Die Nazi Scum”? Die scum…hmmmm… I wonder?

    When I tried Craiglist dating I got a big two, count ’em two, responses.

    Yes, try “Activity Partners”. It will soon be raining WWII poster freaks for you! Just say you’re a woman who wants to go to a WWII art exhibit with a history buff. You’ll batting them away with a broom!

  2. You are right, Advo: at least I do get responses. Most of them are crap (CL personals really is a sewer, no doubt about it), but due to the sheer volume of replies, at least a handful are worth following up on.

    I will try “Activity Partners” and report back.

    Or I could just go with Parrot!

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