Professional Manservant

    I had terrible dreams last night and woke up feeling upset.  

    As always, though, I came across something on Craigslist that managed to lift my spirits.  Check out this ad that some wit posted:

Professional Manservant (NY Metro / Long Is.)

I am a young man with a genius IQ and a BA from a highly respected, northeastern liberal arts college, which apparently qualifies me to wait tables.

Since graduating college, I have worked in a number of educational and administrative positions, which apparently makes me look to prospective employers like a job-hopper with a personality disorder.

I am seeking a corporate douchebag(s) to use and abuse me for menial office chores, serving coffee, and the occasional sexual favor, which is all a lowly liberal arts student apparently has any right to expect in this economy.

I will literally work for peanuts. You can chew them up, spit them in my face, and laugh at me, and I will thank you for the privilege.

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