My Silverware is Pilfered from the Finest Hotels in Manhattan

      I do not own a set of cutlery.  

      Instead, I have a series of random forks, spoons, and knives that I have collected from various luxury hotels in the course of my travels.  My silverware hails from cities far and wide.  I could, I suppose, store it in a glass display case, and entertain visitors to Miss Margo Manor with the splendid and sordid tale of how I acquired each piece.  Butter knife and sugar spoon from the Dorchester in London, where I actually ran around the floor of my suite looking for an ice machine.  The Ritz-Carleton in South Beach, where I spent a relaxing afternoon chained inside of a closet.  So many more.  Ah, hotels I have known..!
miscellaneous assortment 
Resting in my ghetto DIY silverware basket.  Inexplicably, my kitchen was constructed with nonfuctional drawers.

2 thoughts on “My Silverware is Pilfered from the Finest Hotels in Manhattan”

  1. Seems to be the case with a lot of bachelors. I remember being at a date’s house and we ordered delivery. When it was time to eat the soup, we found that there was only one metal spoon in the drawer.

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