My Employment Situation is Intolerable

    I got the tutoring job I interviewed for last week.  They also told me what they were willing to pay me.  I sat down and crunched the numbers three different ways, and it simply isn’t going to work for me.  The hourly wage isn’t bad, but when one factors in the many hours of preparation I’d have to do…I don’t think that it’s worth it.

    I need the money badly.  I could take the job anyway, and then quit when I find something better.  It seems like it would be in bad faith to take the job knowing full well that I intend to leave it in the foreseeable future.  My students would be given a teacher to replace me, but it’s crappy to leave them hanging before midterms.  Also, in the event that I seek work at that institution in the future, even in another capacity, I don’t want to burn any bridges.  Lord knows I’ve burn enough of those in recent years.

     I think I’m just going to tell them them the truth and see if they can offer me more money.

     I also need to consult a specialist and modify my resume for public service-related employment.  It’s campaign season, and that means politics jobs will be heating up.  Lots of opportunity there.

     Which brings me to another problem.  A big one.  I cannot keep my secret job if I want to do anything even tangentially associated with any sort of campaign work.  No way, Jose!  The break out into cold sweat just thinking about it.  I could be a volunteer envelope-stuffer for the lowliest pol in New York, and it wouldn’t be safe.  This isn’t grandiose fantasy on my part–the local media has repeatedly demonstrated that it would be happy to publicly lynch the dogcatcher at the merest whiff of scandal.

    I have to make changes.  Soon.  I can’t keep living this way; I’m not supporting myself.  I’ve never been this broke in my adult life.  It’s absurd.  

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