Grovelling Over Gucci Loafers

Gucci Loafers: Preferred Footwear of the Oppressing Class 

    I remember furtively snapping this photo with my cell phone when he stepped out of my bedroom to retrieve the syringe from the refrigerator.  Freshly groveled over, the brown suede was still wet.  The protective metal plate underneath the toe tasted like a penny.  

    After I received what I was administered, he and I had a long talk.  I don’t remember that part very well at all, though.  

One thought on “Grovelling Over Gucci Loafers”

  1. What kinds of drugs did this guy give you? Do you even know? I love (some) drugs, but I like to know what the fuck it is, please. And knowing you’re an alcoholic, particularly one who does *not* use drugs, this was very asshole, predatory behavior on his part.

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