Alpaca Pigeon Craiglist Personals Adventure

     Hi, friends and neighbors!

     In my previous post, a reader, Advo, left a comment suggesting that I re-post my craigslist ad.  He seemed to think that my ad got rejected due to a technical mistake.  I thought that he might be right and re-posted.  This time, my ad stayed up for half an hour before it was again flagged and deleted.

     Well hell, I thought.  Maybe I should try answering an ad.  It’s a lot more work, but there you go.

    So, I typed “likes art” into the search engine and started browsing.  Soon, I came across this ad:

Alpaca Pigeon – 34 (Williamsburg)

If you’re reading this then I’ve succeeded in my cheap attempt to stand out, or I’ve (unknowingly) used some sexual term that you were searching for; in that case sorry for your disappointment. The pigeon is made of alpaca fur. I saw it online. I don’t like pigeons but this one is great. I want it but I have too many stuffed animals as it is (joke).

I’m hot (been told), tall–6’2, thin, white, brown hair, brown eyes, well dressed, single.

I enjoy good movies, books, art books, art in general, Beach House, ice cream, food, walks, reading the New Yorker.

tags: williamsburg greenpoint bushwick L.E.S.

  • Location: Williamsburg
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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        AN ALPACA PIGEON!!!  HILARIOUS!  LOOK AT HOW CUTE IT IS!   Whoever wrote this has a neat sense of humor.  And he likes art!  How can I resist?
     So, I wrote him an e-mail.  This is what I said (edited slightly to protect my privacy–sorry guys):

 I find that pigeon to be hugely entertaining.  Thank you for posting it.

   Are you having any luck with your ad?  Just curious.  I posted an ad yesterday, and I’m not having any luck with it.  It was not popular.

   Are you, by chance, as adorable  as the pigeon you posted?  Because if you are, you should get back to me.

     I am (age description straight job living in neighborhood).  I’m trying to find a date to go to an art exhibit with.  No luck thus far.  I guess it’s partially my fault for waiting till the last minute.  

    Am attaching a photo.
  If I don’t hear from you, thanks again for the pigeon and have a nice night!

      Yeah, so, I sent him a picture of myself and one of Parrot.  Is it dorky to send a guy a picture of your parrot?  Well, so what if it is.  I am the girl, so it is my prerogative.  
Mr. Alpaca Pigeon responds!

“No luck with my ad either… 

So what art exhibit were you planning on going to?  An opening tonight I suppose?  Since you said it’s last minute and it’s thursday night when most openings happen…
I’ll let you be the judge of whether I’m as adorable as the pigeon.  But I do have an alpaca sweater so I feel the same if you were to pet me.

Is that your bird?”                      

     He has attached a photo of himself sitting on the curb at night with something in his hand–maybe it is a taco or something.  Hmmmm well, the shot is very informal.  I would not post it on my facebook, much less send it to someone over the internet I was making a first impression on, but aside from that, he is pretty cute!  He is wearing a hoodie so I can’t see how long his hair is, but it doesn’t look emo-moppet.  He could use a shave, too.  But he is in the Lower East Side…
      Okay, I am going to write back!

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