Employment Drama-rama

    My landlord is pissed, I have to meet with the grad director of my school next week, and I have to make a thousand dollars pronto.  More like $1500, actually.

    I am so stressed out that I can’t see straight.

    I made money editing a manuscript for another student, and gave an undergrad a crash course in David Hume (I am the David Hume of pain and suffering, haha).  But it’s not enough, not enough…

     Have been hitting the Craigslist jobs ads.  Six applications; half white collar and half…not.  I just got back from an interview with a House–it’s a famous place, much ritzier than the other Houses I’ve worked at.  It’s huge, it’s a factory, and you have to be beautiful and very skilled to get in there.  It has a tremendous reputation, not all positive, and I don’t know what is true and what is not.  Supposedly, the management are ogres.  But I have no idea, really.

      There is also an exclusivity clause in the employment contract.  If I get in, I have to quit at the other place I’m at.  I’m not making enough money there, but the management is great and I have total autonomy.  I don’t know if, by doing this, I’m trading up–or jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

     New place is also…more public.  Even if I do the minimum amount of self-promotion that they want me to do, it’s still more than I feel comfortable with.  The Surgeon could find out.

      I signed up to work tomorrow.  I guess I’ll find out what it’s like then.  Oh my god, I have to be careful.

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