Christmas Birds

  As reader of this blog know, I love animals, especially birds!

  My mother decorated the Christmas Tree with some bird ornaments.  These are my mother’s birds:

Portrait of the Writer as a Young Sparrow

Miss Margo, today, as a Cactus.  Partyin  with  my Peeps!

Christmas Tree Dove sez “HELLO!”
shiny dove

wooden water bird–very pretty–I like this one

metal dove

Christmas Tree Swan!

Another dove!  HELLO!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Birds”

  1. LMFAO! Nice catch, Advo, that is actually pretty funny…!

    I am going to change the caption under the childhood photo. I think I am really more of a cockatoo than a sparrow. And we all know what happens to cockatoos in captivity.

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