Awesome Leopard Seal Offers Diver Food instead of Eating Him

On YouTube, this video is called “Face-Off with a Predator.”  What an inaccurate title!  No face-off involved here!

P.S. I signed up for Twitter–see the gadget on the right. Not sure if I will like it, but I thought I’d try it and see.

I have made a little money this afternoon–guy called in and wanted to talk about his, ahh, special recreational interests. Fine. I took the call. It was interesting. Well, not really. It was actually pretty boring. I was surfing the web half the time. Believe me, gentle reader, if you were on the phone with this guy, you’d be surfing the web, too.

Anyway, I found this video. It is awesome. Now I need money. I can’t stop or rest until I get it.

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