Occupy Wall Street VI (Re-Occupy Liberty Square)

TyRANTosaurus Margo!

Under order from the Mayor, the NYPD raided Liberty Square (Zuccotti Park) last night at 1 AM and forced everyone to evacuate, arresting many.  

As of 6 PM this evening, OWS is re-occupying the Square.  I visited after I got off work.  There were thousands of OWS and many, many police.  The air was electric; full of tension.  

If I have any local readers:  it is imperative that you join the strike THIS THURSDAY!

Here are a few photos–sorry, not great–no time to edit and cull yet.  

Evicting OWS is NOT ALLOWED!!!

Fuck! My phone blew up– OWS might have to move again!  I gotta hit the bricks, good reader–I’m sure you understand–more pics to follow…

If Not Now, When?

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