The Count and Cookie Monster

     I just found an awesome video on YouTube.  I don’t believe in God or the supernatural, but if I did, I would think that this video was some sort of message from Beyond, and that I was “meant” to come across it.

     It’s perfect!  What we see here are actually two sides to my personality: The Count and Cookie Monster.  The Count is smooth and collected, and he makes spooky things happen.  He is reasonable and solution-oriented. The Count is obsessed with quantifying things.  The Count probably jerks off to data sets.

     Cookie Monster is a beast utterly ruled by his obsessions with cookies.  Cookie Monster is basically a cookie junkie.  Cookie obsessions have ruined Cookie Monster’s life and taken his dignity.  Cookie Monster should probably go to SMART Recovery or Cookie-Addicts Anonymous.  Now, I do not eat cookies (FATTENING!  No thank you–can’t have that–how about my BRAIN, instead? ), but that’s okay–cookies can be a metaphor.  

   P.S.  I’m working on an Elegy for Dr. Drew Pinsky.

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