Occupy Wall Street III (Sotheby’s Protest)

       I went to the protest tonight about sending off two job applications. Being underemployed made me feel extra mad at The Man. Took the train up to the Upper East Side, Land of insane welt-leaving narcissistic Surgeons, posh retail shops, and elaborately coiffed old ladies with equally elaborately coiffed tiny dogs.

crossing Park Avenue. Click to enlarge 

      The protest was outside 820 5th Ave. The crowd was not very big but it was not embarrassingly small, either. The cops made us clear the sidewalk pathway, so we were squished between the sidewalk and the wall of Central Park. This had the effect of making the crowd look a lot bigger, because it was more spread out–it went way down the block. The bad part of this was that the chanting was yelling and speeches were supposed to be directed at the building across the street (photo below), and instead it kinda “leaked over” to the nearby residences.

I told myself, “Well, maybe that will annoy the neighbors, and they’ll call these assholes up and say, ‘Skip, it’s your old pal from Princeton–the rabble your men refuse to negotiate with is screaming across the street while we’re trying to watch Lawrence Welk…could you do something about this?”

But, if anything, I think that their neighbors are much more likely to send them a nice sympathy fruit basket.

Here are photos–sorry, not very good ones–as I mentioned, I’ve decided not to show faces from the crowd–I thought that the organizers and union members addressing the crowd would be fair to photograph, though.  Click to enlarge:

Blow-up rat in pinstripe suit holding honest worker by the neck.

Luxurious residence of union-busting millionaires. 

      Representatives from five different unions (that I could tell) showed up.  I like union rallies.  They mean business.

      I got to talking with some guys from the MTA.

     “People are worried about terrorist attacks,” one of them told me, gravely.  “I work on the train infrastructure every day.  Let me tell you, you shouldn’t be worried about terrorist attacks.  You should be worries about crumbling subway tunnels and ceiling supports.”

    “Really?  It’s that bad?  But there are safety standards, right?  I mean, you know when something is about to fall down, right?”  I asked nervously.

     He wouldn’t look me in the eyes.  “You should be worried about the infrastructure,” he repeated.


F-train tunnel…OF DOOM..?!?!

       I have to work tomorrow (thank God) but there’s another rally Wednesday morning that I’ll attend if I don’t have to be at work.

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