Occupy Wall Street II

       By the time I got to the General Assembly rally tonight, the crowd was pretty small–the time of day (after dark) and the rain probably had something to do with it.  The F, 6, and 4 trains were skipping stops all over downtown and the East Village/Lower East Side, which is a huge pain in the ass as well.  I got down there via train, but then couldn’t take the train back uptown.  I had to hoof it about two miles home.  It was okay; I was wearing good shoes.

     I took photos–not very good ones, because it was night outside.  Also, after thinking about it, I decided against posting pictures of the crowd where faces are visible.  I took photos without peoples’ consent.  I also recall when police intelligence forces would analyze crowd photos to identify individuals.  Not that I think cops are reading this blog (I can be paranoid, but I am not grandiose, thank you).

“Trains?  Tonight?  What made you think that we would be running trains tonight, other than the complete lack of signs  informing you and every else that service was in any way interrupted?”  

You and me both, buddy.

      On one side of the park was a sort of sign mosaic.  I hate puppets, music, and theater, but I think that signs are important in the media age.  Anyway, here are a few (the rain ruined a lot of them):

My personal favorite.  Here’s to you, Banksy.  I hate some of these assholes so much it makes my hair bleed (the banks, not the signs).  They are evil, evil institutions.  

More signs.  I like the “all I got was this lousy summons!” one.  No idea what that one is on the left.  
Does WikiLeaks have official “units” like this?  For real? 

        I’d estimate the crowd at about 500 people–that’s the protesters, not the police and media.

        It was well-run and surprisingly tidy, given that some people are basically camping there.  There was a first aid station set up, a sanitation station, a few others.  I took a phone pic of the first aid station and texted it to the Surgeon with the message “WHY AREN’T YOU HERE?” (it’s a joke).  
      Tomorrow there is a big protest at 5:30 pm–a rally for the locked out Sotheby’s workers.  Teamsters Local 814 is planning on being there, so it should be good.  And important.  820 5th Avenue (between 63rd and 64th)  
        Here is another picture of Parrot, because parrots are good for the soul.
“Hello!  I’m the most awesome parrot ever! Come to the protest tomorrow!”
  P.S.  Did anyone watch Ken Burns’ “Prohibition” on PBS?  I missed it, of course, but I got a copy and have been watching it.  It’s good!  “The Civil War” was his best, of course–I have that one on DVD–and I also liked “Jazz” and “Unforgivable Blackness” (even though I think that Jack Johnson was not so much defiant out of principle than out of character disorder, but whatever, it was still a great story and snapshot of the nation at that time).  I am sorry to say that “The War” failed to catch my imagination, even though I really wanted to love it.  I didn’t watch “Baseball,” I think most sports are for meatheads.  I am death on meatheads.  

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