Instant Intimacy

        One of the surest and fastest ways to get to know a person is to slap them across the face.  The way they react will reveal a great deal about their personality.  Whatever emotions the slap elicits—and there are usually at least two or three, either simultaneously or in rapid succession—are strong and invariably authentic.  It’s the psychological equivalent of snatching back the covers.  A VIP all-access backstage pass to the psyche, as it were. It is one of the most intimate things you can do with someone.  And make no mistake—you are doing it with them, rather than to them.  The exposure runs both ways; you will reveal part of yourself in your violence.  They will remember the look in your eyes long after the fact.  It creates a bond.  Instant intimacy.  The only experience remotely comparable is sex, and that is why the thrill you get from slapping someone lends itself so readily to arousal (and why sports like boxing and wrestling are so erotically charged—and so universally popular).
        The last time I got a shot was when I tried to touch Heinrich without his permission. He belted me a good one right upside the head; with his leather glove on, it made quite a noise.  It was a complete surprise—I never saw it coming.
        Interestingly, it ended up making access to his touch—his body—that much more desirable.

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