I Love Craigslist

      I love Craigslist.  It just doesn’t get much more entertaining.  If I’m going to squander blocks of time from my ever-diminishing youth, I’d rather squander it at craigslist than just about any other form of passive recreation.  I like it even more than reading user reviews on Amazon, and that is saying a lot.  You can find ANYTHING on Craigslist.  Anything and everyone.  Trust me on this.

       (Matter of fact, I might be hitting CL this weekend…while I was reading the Village Voice on the subway this morning, I came across an ad for a performance at BAM that I decided instantly I must see.  No question about it.  Four performances only, and if I miss it, God knows when I’ll ever get the chance to see it again–it’s not commonly produced.  The last time I was asleep at the switch was during BAM’s Macbeth with Patrick Stewart in 2008 (am a fan of the Bard, not Captain Picard, thank you very much), and I’ve been kicking myself ever since.  That show was the toast of the town, and I missed it!  Well, it’s not going to happen this time around.  Somewhere out there is a ticket with Miss Margo’s name on it, and I WILL get my mitts on it, even if I have to go with Dick Cheney (bet you that he is on Craigslist).) 

       Anyway, while searching Craigslist for parrots (don’t ask), I came across this gem of a post.  I think it is hilarious.  I’ve annoyed at least half a dozen people with it already, and now I’ll foist it on you.  So funny!  I nominated it for “best of craigslist,” but I doubt it will make it–it got flagged and removed pretty quickly.

new york craigslist>brooklyn>community>pets

please flag with care: [?]

baby gator??? (brooklyn )

Date: 2011, 3:11PM EDT
Reply to:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@craigslist
Some guy sold my son a gator for a $120 bucks………stop selling kids gators he was suppose to get clothes with that money so call me back….or at least give me 65 back
  • Location: brooklyn
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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