A Late Lunch in Brooklyn

A picturesque restaurant on the water, with a views of downtown Manhattan.  The perfect place for negotiation.  Due to the rain and the odd hour we arrived, the dining room was more than half empty.  Some people prefer not to eat in a quiet restaurant, but it’s never bothered me.  I like to create a little personal space with my company. 

What’s up with the break in the clouds in this one?  Weird.

       I also took this photo of flowers in Tompkins Square Park.  I want to show it to my mother.  She knows a lot about gardening.  Does anyone know the name of this flower?  I don’t know it.  And look at the thick, waxy, dark green leaves! 

Purple flowers in Tompkin’s Square Park
These are my mother’s roses.  
Also from my mother’s garden
Almost done with summer dresses this season…why can’t I see myself clearly? 

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