You Know You’re an Athiest When…

       So, I was sitting on the subway (re)reading this book.  It’s a pretty shitty book from a literary perspective–somewhat more sophisticated than faddish-business Lit like Who Moved My Cheese?–but I have to read the book, so I do.  

       The car was fairly crowded; lots of other passengers were reading.  I like to sneak glances at others’ reading material and make value judgements about their taste wonder about their lives.  Wall Street Journal over here, Harry Potter over there, an Asian girl with Spongebob Squarepants pajama bottoms reading some sort of comic book by the door. 

      For some reason, I looked down the book I was holding and saw it with fresh eyes.  I furrowed my brow a little, puzzled.  
      Why does it look like a Bible…?  I thought to myself.  After a moment, the answer was self-evident: because that way a person can read it anywhere in public. 

      I suddenly sat up straight and looked around the car, wide-eyed, as if I’d heard a fire alarm or the conductor calling my name over the intercom.  Other people might think I was reading the Bible!  How embarrassing!  I’d rather be caught reading just about anything else (including what I was actually reading, by far).  Danielle Steele.  Thomas Friedman.  The National ReviewMein Kampf.  A NAMBLA publication.  

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