Like a crusty, resigned old Bolshevik in 1937, I went to bed last night wearing socks and positioning my shoes and prepare-to-be-a-nomad “Go-Bag” by the front door, warily expecting my sleep to be interrupted by the knock of fate…

       I’m exaggerating, of course, but fact is that I slept like a rock.  No whistling winds or the crash of trashcans blowing down the street and striking parked cards, no sirens, el zilcho.  The most irritating thing was the faint thudding bass of my neighbors’ techno (or whatever they call it these days) music, which I could only perceive from the living room after I turned lights out (prudently, they had decided to throw a hurricane party).  I slept in really late because I assumed I’d be house-bound, but right now it’s just overcast with some light wind.  Not even raining outside.

       No complaints from me!  Here’s to hoping it stays this way!  Maybe I can reschedule my afternoon appointments.

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