Not Hand Sanitizer

        The scene:
        I’m at a cafe or restaurant, sitting with a group or a girlfriend.  I peruse the menu (as if I didn’t know what I’d be ordering before I’d set foot in the place), place my order, and start sucking down the first of what will probably be four or five or six diet cokes (socializing makes me thirsty, especially with people I don’t feel I have a handle on yet).  Then, before the food comes, I rummage through my purse sitting on my lap and locate a mini bottle of hand sanitizer.  Without pausing the conversation I’m having with the person across from me, I pour a little sanitizer on my hands and rub them together to spread it around…

       And then, invariably, I freeze, and sneak a furtive glance at what I just poured onto my hands:  

Click to enlarge.  One is hand sanitizer.  One is…not.

        This has happened to me three times now.  Once just this afternoon

        I think–surely I can’t be the only one this has happened to!  Surely there are others–many others!–who have made the same innocent mistake.   After all, without ocular inspection–if you just go by feel–the bottles are practically indistinguishable. 

        It’s not just me, is it….?  Please, somebody tell me it’s not just me.

        P.S.  It’s not as if I usually carry bottles of the not-sanitizer around in my handbag.  There are several bottles of both in my nightstand.  Sometimes I just grab the wrong one.

       P.P.S.  What kind of name is “Swiss Navy” for any kind of product?  Why the hell would Switzerland have a navy?  It’s landlocked. 

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