Miss Margo and Random Doggie Joy

   Here’s a photo I took of myself today en route to Hoboken.  Sorry it’s so small; I must be mindful of my privacy. I love white–like to think it’s flattering on me. But it’s so difficult to keep clean–especially in NYC where the public transit is grimy! Tip for potential visitors: carry bottles of hand sanitizer!

       After I got my head examined, I took photos of random dogs I saw around Hoboken.  I am crazy for animals.  Aren’t these dogs great?  I especially love this bizarre small furry one; he looks so weird, and I like weird.  I have a special affection for mutts.  Some people get offended when I use that word, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.  Mutts are very special.  One of my favorite dogs was a mutt…actually, wait, that’s not fair.  All my dogs have been my favorite.  That is what makes dogs so special; each one is different, and you love each one in a different way–not one more than another.

 If he was my dog, I would name him…CHEWY!!!!  I bet you can guess why.
Let your freak flag fly, little dude.

Not sure–Bernese Mountain Dog pup…?  It would be so much cooler in the Alps!

Australian Cattle Dog mix?  What a handsome jack, and smart as a whip!
My mini-dachshund cuteness has magical properties.  If abandoned in the wilds of Alaska, nothing could ever bring itself to eat me, because I am too cute.  I have chewed every pair of my owner’s Jimmy Choos, and she couldn’t stay mad at me for long!  Say, why don’t you offer me a treat? 
Beagle something…?  I love his asymmetrical white socks!  He’s pissed and waiting impatiently outside of the hardware store.

        If you’re disappointed by the cutesy tone of this post, gentle reader, never fear:  I need my fix, and my friend Heinrich has invited me over for supper tomorrow evening.  Or, rather, for suppertime.  I have no idea whether dining will be involved.

       But there will definitely be something on the menu, food or otherwise (is that pun terrible?).  He has plans; detailed plans.  He is like me; there is nothing spontaneous in his character. 

      I do not think that I will be able to wear the dress I wore today on Monday.  I cannot vouch for the pristine condition of my hide.  We’ll see how it goes.  I will not show anyone else, but I will show you.

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