Like an Arrow, I Was Only Passing Through

  I’m too tired to write now (what an old lady I’m becoming!), but my 4 readers enjoy pictures, so here are a few.   
  I was at Lackawanna Station in Hoboken today and took a few photos.  I love trains and train stations.  The appeal is very deep; it must be something psychological.  I also like bridges, clock towers, and light towers.

                      Hoboken has a beautiful station:


        Being there reminded me of Jeff, the Mechanist, quite a bit.  I think about him too often than I should.  I wonder why (seriously).  Was listening to Smog on the ipod (spare me, please; if I was popular in my youth you’d never be reading this blog. All  half-dozen of you.  Which is actually pretty funny now that I think about it), and I think he had me pinned:
We can continually sink into each other
Just deep enough to rip out a bit more flesh
When we move away
A scarf of skin trailing out behind

Like an arrow
I was only passing through
A blood red bird
A blood red bird

On a more upbeat note, I got a brand new pair of absurd, totally impractical, sexually provocative high heels.  And hell no, I did not buy them—I’m got “issues,” as they say, but I’m not silly like that.

      I’m halfway through something much more substantial, but tonight I’m just wiped out.  God, am I shallow for posting pictures of my SHOES on the internet?  I’m a bit squeamish about it.  On the other hand, I did quote from The New York Review of Books, a publication surely not popular amongst bimbos.  Not that I want to sounds snobby–most of the contributing authors there probably have 80 IQ points on me.

      Better post next time.

One thought on “Like an Arrow, I Was Only Passing Through”

  1. Intellectually, you are absolutely STUNNING! Your sentence construct…your complex grammer and perfect punctuation…. I am spellbound reading this blog, belatedly…just discovered it…, but am delighted to read it! The scope of subject matter! The honesty! The self-insight of a very complex person! Brava! (…now back to the task of trying to catch up)

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