Ahh, the Phenomenon of Pocket Debris

         Don’t you love it when you go through the clothes you haven’t worn since last season and discover random stuff in the pockets you had no idea was there? (same goes for handbags, wallets, rucksacks, luggage, etc)

        I almost never hear people talk about this–maybe it’s too mundane?–but I am certain it must be a universal experience (amongst people with plenty of clothes and bags, of course).  I’m a little fascinated by it, honestly. It’s a bit like a treasure hunt I didn’t even know I was on. 

       It’s best, of course, when you find cash!  Once I found a fresh $50 bill in an evening clutch I took to the opera in 2007.  Usually, it’s just a few crumpled dollars in the back pocket of last summer’s shorts or my winter coat.  I’ve found $10 and $20 notes a time or two.  Feels like I hit the jackpot every time, even if it’s just a few quarters! And once, I found a long-lost pearl drop earring in an old briefcase (I’d kept the mate, too, in the eternal hope that the lost one would show up somehow–lucky me!). 

         This morning, I cleaned out a rucksack I haven’t used since early Spring.  Look what I found in the various inside zipper pockets:

        Those are just the ones I can show online without threatening my privacy.  And no, FYI, none of these relate to a professional conference (believe me, the Societies of my academic discipline will not be hosting conferences at the Ritz any time in the foreseeable future). 

         I am trying to figure out how it makes me feel.  My emotions are tangled up, like the strings of last year’s Christmas Tree lights when you take them out of the box.    

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